Why should a small or mid-sized enterprise (SME) use social media?

Social media offers an effective way to promote a company’s brand, products or services
instead of relying on word of mouth to gain new customers.
Social media has overtaken entertainment as favorite online activity and the amount of time people spend using social media has increased. out.pdf – Google Chrome  Because people are spending larger amounts of time using social media, it’s a fantastic media for promoting your business.
Some of the benefits of using social media to promote your business include brand promotion, networking, attracting customers, and increased revenues.  Many companies, including Microsoft, use social media to attract new employees. Microsoft Social Media Site

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SEO Local Cedar Rapids

Local SEO

By: Merine Tulloch, FCCA

Merine Tullock

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can seem to be quite intimidating or confusing depending on your skill level.   Now that most local business owners have managed to get the expertise needed to handle the usual SEO stuff, the activities have moved on to a new heights.  You are faced with dealing with directory listings and getting your business placed in the local directories specific to your geographical area.  Then you face things like trying to figure out the right geo-specific neighborhood to target.  Here are some pointers to help you navigate the local SEO terrain’

NAP-Name, Address and Phone Number

This information needs to be accurate as well as consistent. Let’s look at the accuracy part first.  Your online listing needs to be updated regularly for the local search apps and to work for you.  Statics have indicated that the highest negative ranking factor is where the listing detects what appears to be “false business location”.  This is closely followed by the incidence of mismatched NAP.  Remember, NAP is the measuring stick used to judge whether or not a business exist so the data relating to your business must be consistent and accurate.   When it comes to consistency it is vital that the information about your business is the same regardless of where you are listed, the Small Business Association, Google or MSN.

Directory Listings

It may be time consuming to fill out all that detail on for each of the search engine directories but it is very important that you do.  Results of a 2013 study from the Local Search Association/Burke Inc  reveals the depth of information that you need to provide in order to get good Local SEO ranking:

Social Media

Not having a website will not prevent you from having Local SEO success.  Your customers can find you on your web-page in any of the social media sites such as Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Urbanspoon etc.

Proozbonllc are new kids on the block but very effective.  These websites employ the best in SEO and your page about your business may be better optimized than if you were to have your own site.

 Hyperlocal SEO.

This is a relatively new concept with Google as one of its pioneers.  This has been described as a “neighborhood algorithm” and is about optimizing your website with terminologies relating to your neighborhood.  As simple way to implement this is to add your neighborhood name to the end of your business name on your business page (e.g. Pop’s Barbeque Westgate).

This is basic guidance in Local SEO and there is much more that can be covered, but for now you can begin practicing optimising your website or page along these lines and visit http://www.proozbonllc.com/services-we-offer/local-buzz/ to see it in action.