11 Effective Ways Of Doing Local SEO

Now that the designing of the site has been completed, your job is done, right? Wrong. In fact, it has just begun. Your beautifully designed site with menus and submenus is nothing but a page unless…

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How Does Your Website Rank?

A free tool from Google will help you and Google determine, based on a scale of 1-10,  the importance of your website pages. The PageRanking (PR) score is based on the quality of your website’s backlinks which show other websites that are linked to your posts. Backlinks

source:  http://checkpagerank.net/check-page-rank.php

What is Appropriate Content for your Website Visitors

Content Marketing

Choosing the Best Content for your Site

By: Merine Tulloch, FCCA

     When it comes to getting and keeping users interested in your site, the interesting question becomes, what is best?  Is it audio, video or text (article or pdf)?  How am I going to arrange my offerings to keep my members and gain some more?


This is what your site or blog is about.  The reason for it existence.  So you would need to ensure that your site is something others would be interested in.  To do this you may engage in sending out an e-mail survey to your target market.  There are several online surveys systems, most of which are quite user-friendly.  Just type in “Online Survey Systems” in the search engine and pick the one that most suits what you want to do.

images (4)What is appropriate content?

Now that you have decided on what your site is about, we are back to where we started.  What is best way of providing that content to my users?

images Video:  This is informational or recreational depending on your focus.  This basically educates or entertain your audience and may have an option for viewer response just to make sure that you know that they are watching. A video can be very simple and easy to make and can be loaded to your site very quickly, however, make sure that you set a good protection system against unauthorized copying if that is what you desire.

images (1)Audio:  This is totally for the listening pleasure of your audience and you may capture details of your interest on audio medium and have available on your site.  To make this method more effective you could require that members subscribe.  The subscription, of course, may not be monetary, just simply proving user details to which you can send reminders, updates promotional materials etc. later on.

images (3)Text. Here you may be just involved in blogging or providing short or full scale articles for your users.  The size and level of details will depend on what your site is about.  A CPA may be providing articles on Internal Controls while the Fashionista may be commenting on the latest trends in the industry.  You would provide pdf documents on your site where you want to reduce the possibility of copying your work especially if it is of a technical nature.  You may go as far as to have the material password protected and available upon request made through your site contact page.  This last step is a good way to gauge your effectiveness on the web.

The bottom line is, there is no one specific way that is best for the providing the content on your site and the best sites usually incorporates at least two in order to capture and keep their users attention.